Web Design

Web Design

Websites are a great way to build an online presence and provide a quick way for you to tell people all about your company.  Cost varies depending on the complexity of the website and amount of content.  We specialize in user friendly,  simple designs at low cost prices.  Please contact us today for a preliminary price quote.

Full-Custom Design: For a simple, informative & static website.

Semi-Custom Design: For a dynamic website that allows you to update/add/edit your own content.

Other Capabilities: Simple shopping carts for selling products online.   Zip code location software – if you are a retailer or restaurant with multiple locations, this software add-on provides a great way for customers to find a location near them.

Flash Animation..

Domain Name

If you are new to websites, a domain name is your websites address (www.example.com).  Domain names must be registered through Solitaire Web Design at a cost of $10 per year..


Unless you already have a domain name & hosting account, we require that you host your website through Solitaire Web Design.  This makes the web development process much easier and faster for you.  Also, in the event that your website goes offline, we can attend to the problem immediately.

Hosting is basically the “hosting” or “storing” of the files that make up the website on a computer server.  Hosting your website through Solitaire Web Design makes it easier for us to create and maintain databases, run diagnostic checks, run analytics,  and  make sure your website is always up and running so you don’t need to worry about a thing!  Hosting is $10 per month..

Solutions for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

We’ve created a website template designed specifically with real estate agents and brokers in mind.  The website, sold as a website package, features extra built in modules including ability to post home listings, mortgage calculator, and more. Click Here For More Information.