Solitaire Web Design was founded by Marcus Fernandez, a college student at California Polytechnic State University at Sal Luis Obispo. As a junior studying Industrial Technology and Finance, Marcus understands the importance of pairing business with robust technology. He has over 5 years experience with web designing and continues to develop his skills.

At Solitaire Web Design we strive to work with our clients in a positive manor. In an effort to move the development of your website along smoothly, we stick to the systems development life cycle process. We work through each step with you to ensure every aspect of your website needs are met.

The primary areas we serve include the Solitaire Island area, Newport Beach, Orange County, and San Luis Obispo

1.  Preliminary Meeting and Free Quote (1-2 hour meeting)

This is a one to two hour meeting where the needs of the client are expressed.  We work with the client to come up with a website that will suite their needs.  Some basic design ideas and a preliminary no obligation price quote is made.  When the client accepts the project, a second website planning meeting will be held.

2.  Website Planning (1-2 hour meeting)

Establishes a high-level view of the intended website.  Consider user-end needs and functionality.  At the start of the meeting the client signs the Terms of Agreement and 50% of the project cost is paid upfront.  The website’s design is discussed in detail and rough layouts are drafted.  Colors, themes and graphics are chosen.  The client is then responsible for handing over any content, graphics, photos, logos, or other media within a few days so that the construction of the site can begin.

3.  Website Design

Detailed design including Photoshop layout.

4.  Building the Website

The website design is broken down and the bulk of the code is written.

5.   Testing

The website is tested to ensure all bugs have been worked out and all functions work correctly.

6.   Deployment

The website is uploaded and brought online.

7.   Maintenance

During the rest of the website’s life changes, correction, and additions are made continuously.  Additional changes are billed at our hourly rate.